Switching Teams: What Coming Out Later in Life Taught Me About Love, Conquering Fear, and Accepting Change

Switching Teams is a memoir about change and the transforming journey of inner peace and freedom that comes with choosing to live an authentic life. This is not only a book about coming out of the closet, but much more. It is the story of a woman who decided to be fearless and stand in the newly discovered truth that she was a lesbian.

Dawn’s comfortable existence as a stay-at-home wife and mother of three disappeared as soon as she came out as a lesbian. Although it would be one of the most difficult experiences of her life, it would also be one of the most liberating—at long last the 39-year-old was comfortable in her own skin, even as she realized everyone around her was thrown into chaos. Life got even more complicated when she realized she was in love with her best friend of 10 years and discovered the feeling was mutual.

It was difficult to imagine what her life would look like after such a dramatic change, and at times she felt the weight of the emotional fallout on her shoulders. But change is as inevitable as Dawn’s need to be true to herself. “My coming out was the first step in reclaiming my life as it was supposed to have been,” she writes.

Switching Teams tells the story of Dawn’s new found awakening and the reactions of friends and loved ones as they came to terms with her determination to live an authentic life, no matter the cost. Throughout her fearless journey, Dawn experienced profound sadness and grief but also true peace and joy, thanks to the love of her life and unexpected support from those who mattered most.

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Dawn Elizabeth Waters is a freelance writer and real estate broker who received a BS degree in sports administration at Stetson University. She is the Broker/Owner of The Water Group LLC, located in Debary, Florida. Dawn is the author Switching Teams, creator of The View From Inside Out Blog, and is a featured blogger for Active Rain, a community of real estate professionals. A Detroit native, Dawn was married for nearly 17 years before realizing she was a lesbian, getting a divorce, and starting over. She enjoys supporting LGBT causes, coaching youth sports, and promoting peace, love and kindness in the world. She and her wife, Yvette, have four sons.