Wife and Wife

If you are gay, the topic of marriage can be a powder keg waiting to explode. Especially if it is your own. Experience has taught me that being married to a woman is not always acceptable for a variety of reasons and the objections are often rooted in religion. More on that later. My wife … Read more

Heart Shaped Glitter

Going out on a limb. Is anyone else noticing the love/hate vibe surrounding the only official holiday celebrating love and relationships? Depending on your relationship status or overall mood, Valentine’s Day can represent all that is good, or all that sucks in life. Cue the hearts, flowers, and chocolate. If you believe the hype, lovers … Read more

My Friend Anxiety

Do you remember the last time you were free from all worry or anxiety? I do. It was December 2010 when I realized I was a lesbian. As unbelievable as it sounds, the least anxious I have ever been was right after coming out. When I say the least anxious, I really mean none. Zero. … Read more

No More Hiding

This week I decided to shelve my own words in favor of one of the most moving messages I have read in quite some time. Robin Maynard, the author, is one of the good ones. Simply put, she is as genuine, kind, and giving as you can get. She and her soon to be wife, … Read more

Love Me Do

Here we go. Again. Loving yourself. This is my favorite subject. I harp on it constantly because it is that important. There are plenty of topics out there calling to me for consideration, yet I choose this one because most of the hiccups in life can be traced back to difficulties with understanding and implementing … Read more

Thankful Coach

As the end of the flag football season is winding down, I find myself reflecting on sports and competition in general. Winning is fun. I admit it. As I have gotten older and wiser, I have come to realize that whatever the score of something ends up being is but a small part of the … Read more