Out is Through

Who likes being uncomfortable? Anyone? Didn’t think so. We all have different thresholds, triggers, and definitions of the word uncomfortable. Companies make millions coming up with ways to help make us more comfortable. Eradicating all physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual woes is an impossible task but shifting how we view discomfort may be able to … Read more

Fall Seven Times

Adversity comes in many shapes and sizes. It does not discriminate nor does it care if we are prepared for it. Most adversity happens unexpectedly and usually at the worst possible moment. If you are among the lucky few who have never faced any challenges in life, you can stop reading now. What follows will … Read more

“The Gay Thing”

“How can you truly be homosexual if you have been in a heterosexual marriage your whole life?” is the number one question those who come out later in life are asked. The answer to this is simple and may surprise some reading. For any who have wondered the same, grab a snack and continue reading. … Read more

Walk a Mile

Let’s talk about blame, assumptions, and jumping to conclusions. One of the many reasons I wrote Switching Teams was to clarify how challenging the whole experience was. It was just as much a means of clearing up assumptions many had about our situation as it was a way for me to process the experience. The … Read more

Life Goes On

The first day of spring has come and gone. My family spent the majority of the weekend tending to the yard. Refreshing the landscape with new flowers and building a covered garden bed for our vegetables required all hands on deck. Our boys were eager to help and we noticed the absence of complaining which … Read more

Fight or Flight

For a brief moment I considered naming this blog “Let it Go.” I thought better of it when I envisioned a call from the legal department of Disney coming my way. It happens. Today’s topic is relationships. When you hear that word what is the first thing that comes to mind? Parents? Spouses? Children? Friends? The … Read more