Heart Shaped Glitter

Going out on a limb. Is anyone else noticing the love/hate vibe surrounding the only official holiday celebrating love and relationships? Depending on your relationship status or overall mood, Valentine’s Day can represent all that is good, or all that sucks in life. Cue the hearts, flowers, and chocolate. If you believe the hype, lovers … Read more

Two Woman March

So. Much. Chatter. It is not just me right? Do you feel it? Tuning out the noise and staying focused on anything has been a challenge. Look around. The world. Everyday life. The sound of silence is a rare find yet is exactly what is needed more than anything else. Regular readers of my blog … Read more

The Ugly Present

In the days after being released from the hospital, Yvette asked me many times if I was planning to write a blog. At first, I chalked her constant questioning up to the good drugs, she was not very lucid. At some point I realized she was serious. My response was the same each time. No. … Read more

Face the Strange

Do you ever wake up and have random song lyrics pop in to your mind? And stay there? There is a name for that. Stuck song syndrome, also know as an earworm. For the past three weeks it has been impossible to interrupt the loop that keeps playing a single lyric from a David Bowie … Read more

Own Your No

Here is a question. How many of you have heard the phrase “setting boundaries” before? I have a sneaking suspicion few have not. I have heard it mentioned on numerous occasions throughout my lifetime, usually while sitting in the therapist’s office or watching Dr. Phil on OWN. What exactly does this mean? Or more importantly, … Read more

Sex Versus Gender

In the spirit of expanding awareness, this week I felt compelled to change things up a little. For the past few weeks I have asked readers to offer suggestions for topics. What follows was not written by me, but by a trusted and wise therapist friend. After much deliberation, and a cross country visit, I … Read more

Coming Out Again

I have a confession to make. Since Switching Teams was published, part of my daily routine includes reading the messages and emails from readers. Many thank me for writing and sharing my story about coming out later in life and many more ask me for advice or share their own stories with me. I am … Read more

“The Gay Thing”

“How can you truly be homosexual if you have been in a heterosexual marriage your whole life?” is the number one question those who come out later in life are asked. The answer to this is simple and may surprise some reading. For any who have wondered the same, grab a snack and continue reading. … Read more

Inside the Box

When something fascinates me, I think about it, a lot. My default thinking process includes careful analysis, application of logic, and considering the practicality of the solution depending on the problem or situation. Admittedly, there are moments I am guilty of practicing the art of overthinking with this approach. Fortunately, in the past few years … Read more